Girly Anime Times & Ruffles Galore!

I'm an avid watcher of all sorts of anime, but for some reason, I really can't get sick of the pretty-girl-transformation type. I watched a LOT of Sailor Moon when I was little, and finished it when I was in middle-school/H.S. Ahh, the good times that were had. Did you have a favorite? Mine was a tie between Jupiter (the one I related to the most) and Neptune (the one I idolized the most). If I ever did cosplay.... yeah I would dress up as either one of them, hehe!
Good lord what a large cast. And this ain't the half of it! (And duh, not by me, I -wish!-)
God the Manga-version is just as beautiful! *drool*
Classy Classic!

 I've been into a whole bunch of shows, such as RayEarth, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, K-ON, ect, but beware, I have gone into the realm of middle-schoolers again!
Suite PreCure!
Yeup. That's right. Precure. I'm guessing here, but I think there are.... 7 series going on so far? Each series there are new characters and a new "theme". For example, last season it was HeartCatch Precure, and each girl was a flower. This season, its Suite Precure, and its all about music. So the pink-haired twin-tails is Cure Melody. The blonde is Cure Rhythm. It's pretty cute, and -super- fun to look at. Just look at the transformation scene! It definitely keeps you entertained, since you watch it in EVERY EPISODE XP (Sorry if it doesn't work, seems like they keep getting taken down, copyright n all that jazz. Just search "Suite Precure Transform and you're golden!)
So yeah, I'm just a dorky girl all over again watching episodes with repeated morals and all that jazz. But something just keeps me watching it. Same thing with any cartoon really, I think I'll always be a kid at heart ;) Anyways, to show my love, I did some fanart! Mind you, I first did Cure Melody, and then wanted to shoot mu face off. Dear god... soo.many.RUFFLES! I was thinking of at least working on the line art on my compy, but I got too impatient and just inked it one-time and scanned it. Then when I thought things were done, I did Cure Rhythm the next day! I dunno about you, but I'm pretty happy how they came out! But DON'T expect me to color them ;)
"Playing the wild rhythm, Cure Melody!"
"Playing the tranquil melody, Cure Rhythm!"


  1. Love those drawings! YOu dID do a good job on the ruffles :DDD Oh man, I'm all about the Sailor Moon and UTENA!!! I need to do some Utena fan art, because she is awesome XD And I feel like watching Super Gals, lol

  2. Love the ruffles! AND Sailor Moon of course. I made C watch it when we were in middle school as an introduction to anime 101. Here's the kicker. The series which of course is originally in japanese, had been subbed into Chinese, which I then translated line for line into English while we were watching it. Good times.