A or B?

I originally put up the request to assemble an outfit for me through wardrobr.com for the idea "going out of town to meet with bf's family for a bday dinner". A friend was able to put a really cute outfit together, but then the day before the party plans got changed to just a casual dinner at the bf's parent's home. So I have the same top, but different bottoms. Which one do you like? A or B?
I like them both, but I think I need to be careful with how "poofy" that darn cardigan can be! >0< Makes me look like I have a fat gutt! Oh, and dear god, ignore the hair, I'm finally getting out of the damaged "digital perm" stage, but its still kinda frazzled on the ends unless you spruce it up a little. Sigh, can't wait for that to be over!


  1. hmm, i think i like A more - it's a bit dressier, and i'm a huge fan of pleated skirts.

  2. My vote goes towards A! ; ) Although B is very cute as well.