Hanamaru Daydreams

Anzu with her doodle-daydreams
I've been drawing like mad! To get better ideas for inspiration, u should understand my method!
1.) Write down every anime I've ever seen on a piece of paper
2.) Place my index finger on that paper
3.) Close my eyes
4.) Wiggle my finger around the paper
5.) Point at something
6.) Open my eyes
BAM! Instant idea satisfaction XD So I landed on Hanamaru Youchien (Kindergarten), which was an incredibly toot show! I got the idea of the doodles/BG from the intro. Hope you like it :D

1 comment:

  1. Such a cutie pic!! And that's a fun way to choose your next topic XDD I just imagined you writing names all over a big piece of paper, putting your finger down, then w/ the other hand spinning the paper around like a top and bam! Next idea XDD