More candy? YES PLEASE

Sorry for the quality, my camera phone isn't the best ^^()

Like what you see? Same here! :D Just like after Vday, the day after Easter is the best time to load up on sweets, all 50% off or more! I'm a big chocolate person, so I had to get my fill. Especially of Cadbury Creme Eggs. They are my Easter favorite! Granted I can't eat more than 2 eggs per "session", but its soo worth it. Random fact, did you know they DID have a change in size?? Check out this video!
On a happier note, remember this commercial? XD

Anywhoo, I was thinking of making some small cookies recently too, but when I saw the store had a HUGE bin of cookies in all varieties, I just took the lazy route and decided to wait. They'll be perfect with a cup of tea. What's your favorite Easter candy treat?

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