Want.... but will probably never get

I always have a ton of things in my "want" list. Seriously, I have a bookmark folder called "Kaiti" (translation: want to buy) that I add things to almost every day. It sucks not having money. Or not having the "body" for it. You'll see what I mean!

I actually forgot where I got this.. but it was from an online Asian-clothing retailer... Yesstyle or something?
1.) Cute skirt/shawl. I seriously am loving this old .... (oh god, what do you call it? The name of the print for winter sweaters... gah my brain is fried LOL) print, but alas, the skirt is too short, and I doubt I would ever wear it as a shawl.

From F21: Floral Mary Jane Heels
2.) LOVE LOVE floral print -anything-, but I can't wear heels this high, AND F21 won't make shoes in size 11!

From F21: Colored Cuffed Denim Shorts
3.) LOVE this color, its soo light, spring-y, and playful, BUT 1- Doubt the largest size would even fit me, and 2- I don't look very good in short-shorts. These thunder thighs of mine weren't meant to see the light of day!

From Lulus: Graceful Black Skirt

4.) I've been obsessing over a nice, NOT tiered, long maxi skirt, and I thought this would do it. Thank goodness I read the fine print though, because this skirt DOES NOT come with a slip! I guess you could get away with leggings though? Or a slip? If I could get away with leggings, I would be more tempted to buy it.. LOL!

From F21: Animal Print Dress
5.) I'm soo mad at myself about this one! I originally saw this dress on Lulu's site, but it was a dark blue, and not a spaghetti-strapped dress. I wanted it, but was very hesitant about the length, and ended up not buying it. THEN I saw it again on Urbanog, and was ecstatic to see it was made into a -TOP-. However, they had already run out of my size >0<. Now I see it on F21 (it's still there), but yet again... there is no way I'd be able to get away with that length.

Of course there is more, but I'll stop here for now XD What are some things you've been wanting, but know it won't work out?

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