Otakus and Tea

A couple weekends ago, Adam and I ventured into Mong Kok. It's a bigger, more bustlin' place compared to Tai Wai, but nothing compared to HK Island. But Mong Kok is closer to us, and we heard from a reliable source that we could get our geek on with anime things XP.

We probably spent about 2 hours going from store to store, and found ourselves famished. Unfortunately we're both really bad at just picking a restaurant and "going with it". Maybe it's our passive natures, I don't know. We would of just been fine going to get a cup of coffee, but it's VERY UNLIKELY here in HK if you're in a busy town to actually get a seat/table in a cafe setting. We did try a Starbucks and a Pacific Coffee, but there was no place we could sit just to give our aching feet a break! We were just about to head back into the train station to go home, when we saw a sign for a cafe. We figured why not, and headed in. Little did we know... we had found paradise! A very spacious, clean, romantic Japanese style cafe, that had two floors of tables. HUZZAH! At first we thought we'd just get some coffee or tea, but it ended up turning into a full meal.

First up, mashed potatoes with a seafood base.

Soo dainty!
Next up, some delish yakisoba.

After our meal, we were hesitant to leave. It was soo nice inside! We're always in crowded spaces, but for some reason, some restaurants just fee soo spacious. And for once, it wasn't annoying loud inside. Most places you just hear people yapping at the top of the lungs, and babies crying.... it really does get old. So, to indulge a little more, we ordered some tea and coffee.

Adam went safe and got the Blue Mountain coffee. All the UCC brand, very nice :D

Don't mind me- I'm just sweaty as hell and didn't think I'd be taking any photos today XD

I usually don't do fruit teas, but I was interested in the apple tea they had listed. It was soo nicely presented. The teapot had enough for two cups of tea, and it came with this honey/simple syrup that was just perfect. Ahhhh, couldn't of asked for more! Oh wait, but there was more! Even some apple slices for full-apple-power!

It's all about presentation!
We don't go to Mong Kok often, but I am DEFINITELY excited to come again. They had such a HUGE menu. both for food and drinks, and I want to try everything!

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  1. Puri you are lookin' CUUTE! And a adore that tea cup!! :DDD