Doodle Time: Sailor Fionna!

So I love jumping all over Tumblr, people are hilarious and I love keeping up with people's art pages. Never have I been so inspired to start drawing -immedietely- after I saw this from gurgling's Tumblr

I didn't even THINK of the possibility of a Sailor Moon / Adventure Time mash-up, even though I love both, AND the whole Fionna's bunny ears & ball gown is inspired from Sailor Moon! Bah! So I grabbed my pencil and paper and got down to it!

I already blabbed about this on my tumblr account AppleTreesRTall, so I'll just copy n paste:
So here is Sailor Fionna, with her loyal cat friend Cake ^_^ The idea of using Beemo as her magical stick was really original, but I think Fionna is all about swords, so I added an upgrade to the wand: laser sword! Beemo just has to concentrate really hard, and it’s only for a short time- super special attack? XD

More are on the way, so stay tuned! :3

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