Is it Spring yet?

Since Mr. Groundhog didn't see his shadow, spring should be right around the corner! It's crazy how warm it felt this week! To keep up with my diet, I've been doing exercises inside. I've finally gotten back on the Wii Fit, and I'm definitely feeling more energized. It's nice to just work out in shorts and a tank top and not have to worry about other people looking at you ;). But I wanted to try jogging outside, even if it was just down the street and back, so I slipped on a long-sleeved shirt and shoes and jumped outside and it was FANTASTIC! I can't believe how warm it is. Seems like it's going to get a little colder next week, but then at the end we'll be right back up to the 40s-50s, hurray!

Speaking of Spring, I noticed two other signs that soon winter will be long-gone. Item 1:

Holy crap WTF happened to the backyard?!?! LOL, with all the snow melted, it looks like the groundhogs had one hell of a time. At first I thought it was poo and got really disturbed, hah! Now on to Item 2:

Oh no. LADYBUGS! Adam said last year when I was in Japan there were a TON in the house. I hope that doesn't happen again this year! Maybe they just like Adam. During our college-dorm times, even though we lived in the same building, I only had a few come sneaking in by my window, where Adam basically couldn't SEE out his window through all of them. Dyarrr. Maybe they're preparing for their picnic? XD

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  1. Bad news, Lady. Those bugs have a migratory path and they will collect in your house year after year. It happened every year in my house in Valpo. The worst part? They stink when you kill them!