A little bit of the crazies...

I don't know why this happens, but every now and then I suddenly become better at drawing and I go in this huge "burst" of pumping out a ton. So far I've done at least 7 sketches in the past day, and I'm not done! Hopefully I can ride this out and get a lot more things out. Who knows, maybe I'll try and pick up my little comic strip back up. The only bad thing though is I become pretty oblivious to anything else around me. I don't care about eating, errands I have to run, people I have to call; it's just all about drawing. Thusly, I'm currently in zombie mode. I put together some quick sketches that went into crazy commentary and randomness, hope you enjoy! XP

BTW, I just noticed, this happened last year at the same time, because I had to draw Adam's Vday and Bday picture.. hmmmmm......

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  1. I love ur sketch of BB in the middle left! So accurate and cute :3