Time to post something!

Of course I'll start off with a picture that covers my face. Makes sense, right? *ha ha ha*
Top and Skirt: Forever 21 ; Shoes: BC Shoes      
 Cute, right? I gotta admitt, I would of never put something so simple n sweet together if it wasn't for my online friends at < wardrobr.com >. Think of it as Facebook for your friends and your closet - you upload pics of what you have, and you or your friends can assemble an outfit piece by piece. Then once it's recommended, you can wear it and take a pic so everyone can see! I love it soo much, and it kinda got me inspired to make this blog in the first place. Get those creative juices flowin! I'll throw some drawings/DIY/favs in as well to keep things interesting ;) Hope you guys stay tuned! Just for fun, I'll show you by "bad" pic that was a little blurry. Not my proudest photographer moment:
No Hello Kitties were harmed during this photo session ^_^

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  1. LOVE it! So cute!! And I love the one where you're doing a twirl! Am looking forward to more posts from you soon!