Another nerdy anime-post

Okay I'm going to rant about a show for a little, sorry for the blah-blah-blahs. Also, I thought I posted this over a week ago, but apparently I was wrong? LOL. Here we go!

After talking with my friend Jax at enerjax some time ago, I was inspired to draw someone from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Not familiar with the series? Oooooo... its full of crazy! Directed by one of the people who brought you Sailor Moon, this show is all about symbolism, twists and turns, loads of characters, all wrapped up in a romanticly drawn style. In other words, AMAZING. I could rant more.. but you could just read wikipedia XD. I especially like how someone added:
"While the show generally has the appearance of a yuri magical girl series, it is also highly metaphysical, surreal, and allegorical. It contains a mix of borrowed visuals from Takarazuka theater, shadow puppetry, and classic shōjo manga.". 

Well said person-I-don't-know! So anywho, in honor of an amazing series, I decided to draw one of my favorite characters, Juri. I originally drew this picture a long time ago, but finally got to finishing up the line-art and coloring, plus I attempted a background! It is in no-way perfect.. nor what I was most likely going for.. but oh well, try try try! Enjoy!

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