A vote!

I want to make something. Something delicious. And sweet. Adam comes back from Beijing on Saturday, so I want to know what delicious dessert I can make. I have too many ideas though, so I need your help. Please vote for -JUST- one! If there isn't a specific flavor, then mention one/a good combo! I know that's hard to do, but a lot of this is going to sound pretty darn good! XD

  1. Pecan Bars
  2. Raspberries stuffed with chocolate chips
  3. Cupcakes
  4. Baklava (cup-cake sized!)
  5. cheesecake (what topping?)
  6. individual-sized fruit tarts
  7. Creme Brule
  8. Apple Pie
  9. Rice-Krispy bars (yeup, I'm thinkin' of these too! LOL)
  10. Molten Lava cakes
I want all of these. right. NOW. XD What do you think? Thanks for your help guys! :D


  1. Apple Pie all the way.

  2. mm they all sound good! I'm gonna have to say molten lava cakes. With chocolate. Cause if it is real lava, I'd go with #2. ;)