My brain is numb...

WHHYYYY did I stay up soo late? Oh, so I could finish drawing/coloring a piece of art I've been really excited about. I even did a dorky BG, *fufufufufu*. Enjoy!
wow, blogger really shrank it >0<  

To be quick (bc I want to sleep ssoooo badly), I've just been in a rather bad slump lately. I had another job interview, and it didn't work out (they were sooo nice too! darn it all!). More and more stress about trying to find some line of employment. So after eating a bunch of home-made chocolate chip cookies, I turned to Kobato. It's a series from Clamp that came out as a manga and an anime. It is really really heartwarming, and you just can't help but fall in love with Kobato (the girl above). So even though this took me a long time to do, I'm happy I did it!

Alright, time...to...sleeeeep..... Z_z

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