Let's move to type emails?

So I was in my Gmail account, and I noticed this new "Gmail Motion" thing. I never heard of it before, so I clicked the video to find out more. Prepare to be... well... just prepare youself!

Oh yeah... so hey... what day is it today? Oh yeah, April 1st! Let me be blunt:

*deep breath*

1- I've dealt with this crap for the past 20-some years. I've never liked it!
2- I'm INSANELY gullible! That stupid video? Guess who believed it, and was buying the whole thing? Last year, I think I saw a Zelda live-action movie trailer that I thought was real. 
3- When I was in elementary school, I was called "fool", which later turned into "stupid", and maybe worse names I shouldn't list here. Yeah... thanks mom for naming me April. *sigh*

So as you can see, I -really- REALLY REALLY hate today. Sorry if I caught you off guard with the video, but I wasn't trying to trick you. I just wanted you to feel my pain TT-TT. Good luck with the rest of today and not being tricked! I shall stay indoors and keep myself away from crazy internet shenanigans.  

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  1. Awww... Sorry to hear that! My April Fool's day was pretty uneventful.

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -