Finally, some outfits!

During my period of being MIA, I did have some outfits to show off. Just gonna throw them all together XP
Top: Lulu's; Bottom: Honeys (Japan); Shoes: AE
A fun day at the zoo in Ohio! (can u see the print on my shirt? Zoo-animal fun! Makes me think of animal crackers, LOL!)

Top: Mossimino; Bottom: H&M; Shoes: Modcloth
Off to a dinner-party with Toriban. I never really liked summer.. but now I'm getting more in shape, I love it! XD

Top: F21; Bottom: AE; Shoes: Target
A day at the Arboretum in Illinois. Note: If you're going to a -garden-, then get dolled up. If you're going to an ARBORETUM, wear proper exercise clothes. I smushed the cork in my wedges! >0<

Cardigan: BDG; Top: something from Nordtrom Rack; Shorts: AE; Shoes: Payless; Bag: Aldo
Off with Toriban to see Thor! (which was AWESOME! "Meow meow!")

I think my diet is definitely paying off. I'm out of the 180s now (huzzah!). Just a little more till I reach my goal. Well... maybe I'll push a little farther. I know the Wii Fit doesn't know what its talking about, with all that BMI hoo-haw, but maybe I can work myself down to what they said my "healthy weight" should be! In the meantime, I'm trying to be a little more active (walking/jogging, some more exercises, ect), so here's to hoping I get down a little more! ^_______^

BTW, did you notice my haircut? Almost all the damage from the digital perm is gone! Huzzah!


  1. Oh... my... god... it's Chikara Bara!

  2. ROFL you have an amazing memory!! How's it been going? :D