Whoopie Pies!

Probably last year, I picked up this book from Modcloth. I was in a cooking frenzy, wanting to make everything and really have fun with food. I've never heard of a Whoopie Pie before, and thought it had simple enough instructions. The best part of this book is they have a section for all the "cakes", and a separate section for all the "frostings", so you can mix&match to make your own unique creations!

What prompted me to pull this book out again recently was a dinner party I was going to. The main dish was going to be chili, and I thought I would bring something to eat with dinner, and something different for dessert. Who knew I could just make two different types of Whoopie pies for this party! To go with the chili, I found a jalapeno Whoopie pie, and paired it with a simple cream cheese frosting.
The recipe was really easy. To make that "smooth" finish, it's better to pipe it out of a bag instead of spooning each one.
Mmmm.... ginormus chunks of jalapeno!
Assembly was easy enough too! Just pipe in the frosting...
... and put another on top! :D
For dessert I made a traditional chocolate Whoopie pie, with an InTeReStInG Matcha (green tea) Butter-cream frosting! I didn't get a picture with the frosting, but you can see each cake side by side:
I definitely want to make more of these guys! I'm definitely tempted to make them small, like a macaroon-size, but I think you need to have a real "cake", so you can take a few bites out of it ^_^

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