HK livin!

We're here! We're alive! We're making progress! :D

It definitely was a challenge getting here. From sending half our possessions via boat, to doing EVERYTHING ourselves to bring the biddies with us, we somehow were able to do it.

Our first night here was kind of depressing. We thankfully had a bed to sleep on in our new apartment, but no sheets, pillows, or blankets. So we wrapped ourselves up in extra jackets and clothes and tried to sleep. All while we had the biddies closed off in one of the guest rooms, which they were NOT happy about. Thankfully that night passed quickly.

Ikea has become our savior! Decent stuff at great prices. Currently we have our bed (headboard, box spring, mattress), couch, kitchen table, kitchen chairs, computer desk, computer chairs, wardrobes, shelving, and tableware all from just that one store. We've also dabbled in department store and Muji, but Ikea just has.....everything!

Good things:
Trains are awesome. Taxis are hella affordable. Japanese influence everywhere. Karaoke rooms can be friggen AMAZING!
Bad things:
Talking/ watching tv on iPhones ON THE TRAIN, getting used to lower air quality, not having the things you're used to, and OMG do people know which side to walk on, or how to line up instead of just walking RIGHT in front of you???? D:

As I write this, we're still without Internet. Thank goodness for iPhones and hotspots, lol. I'll rant more later!

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  1. Ikea is seriously a blessing, a gaddam-Swedish-blessing. XD Can't wait to hear more about your HK adventures!