Cultural Differences

A couple things that have caught my attention (for better or worse):
- people like to use hand rails as a stretching tool, like a ballerina. I've seen this from women who look like house helpers to guys in suits to guys ACTUALLY prepping for a jog. ( note to self, never hold on to hand rails again)
- shops like cats. Not afraid of them running off or cooping them inside. Walked past a veggie vendor today, guy was selling his stuff with his kitty companion. I now have motive to go back there and buy something XD
- kids love eating after school. I'm used to snack stuff, but I see middle and high schoolers goin for ramen and sit down meals. Om nom nom nom
- soo humid, just make it stop
- Octopus Card (public transportation card) = AWESOME. Randomly browsing through TripAdvisor.com, and on their "things to do in HK" list, the Octopus Card was pretty high up (who knew a card could be soo much fun? LOL)
- Not many people have approached me with English first (even though I'm obviously a foreigner). I don't think anyone is too happy using English.
- shops are SMALL. To be expected I guess.
- lots of estates has stores connected to them (just went to one in our town that has a shopping center, McDonalds, Cafe de Coral, ect). Not ours. Too ritzy? BOO! Eventually we're supposed to get connected to the train station. YAY.
- older women tend to try and dress like young teenagers. It's really blizzard. I think I saw a woman in her late 50s trying to dress Lolita, and another one going for punk/neon.
- PDA to the max here with teenagers/young adults. *shudders*
- for fast food, it's " stay here" or "take away"
- like Japan, pay bills through convenience stores. LOVE
- Rilakkuma is the bees knees here. Gave in and got an iPad case/cover with him. :3
- walking + eating /drinking = OK!

And a side story: I took a stroll around town today, little exploration. A lady stepped on the back of my sandal, pulled the thong soo hard against my foot it felt like it almost took it off. T-T Then another person slammed their hand into me as they passed by; unluckily for them, their hand slammed only onto my iPod. Sounded like it hurt. Moral of the story? None, theirs just no personal space here.


  1. I knew that you would get a rillakuma case! I love him!! I'm glad that his cuteness is everywhere! You said that they have ramen stands everywhere. Do they have miso ramen? How I crave miso ramen. I just ate a pack at home and it wasn't very good. I'm glad that you are out exploring. That is super exciting!

  2. Btw...this is Robyn!! :-)
    I posted the last comment incorrectly.