Muh songs.... TT-TT

Sad news to report: All the music I had on my ipod got deleted, due to an accident Adam made D: All my old CDs I grew up with in HS... Japanese/Korean music I found through college... gone *sniff sniff* So I'm starting from scratch again. I downloaded three albums from iTunes:

Paramore: Brand New Eyes

On iTunes, they had a special going on for this album, I think like 50% off? I love Hailey's voice, and a couple of her songs were my karaoke go-tos in Japan. Good times. 

This is one of my fav songs from her, so amazing, I want to belt out that chorus like she does.

Dia Frampton: Red

Dia was the runner up in the 1st season of The Voice. I was a big fan of hers every since the blind auditions, and wishes she would of won! I think there was only a 3-4% difference from 1st and 2nd that season... doh! But she is still doing it! Album up, and touring :D I love her voice, and this is usually my go-to album when I am doing errands. 

After The Voice ended, I went to Youtube to get my Dia fix, and found out that she did a TON of covers (she was doing about one a week for a while!). I can't get to my favorite ones with the search function Blogger has, but here is one of her singing Adele's "Someone Like You"

Karmin: Hello

I first heard Karmin when they were the music guest on SNL. The girl's live voice is AMAAAZING, and to top it off, she raps XP. Plus, how can you deny her hairstyle?

This is their latest single, "Brokenhearted". <3<3<3

I just found this video, apparently she went on Ellen in 2011, and hol crap she is rapping SO. FLIPPIN. FAST! It's insane! (And holy crap I didn't know they were engaged, crazy!)

Anywhoo, so those are my current 3 albums. I am looking for more music, so suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Going off of these, I'm going to say try Ellie Lawson :) and try Jem! -Leanne R (I need to make a profile on here so I can stop signing my name mawaha)