A year already?

I can't believe it's already been a year since Adam popped the big question! After getting engaged in Seattle, we didn't have any idea what would happen, especially moving to HK. Our anniversary fell on our Thursday date-night, and Adam surprised me by making reservations @ the restaurant, Kitchen, at the W hotel here in HK. We love the W hotels- we got engaged while staying at the one in Seattle, and our wedding will be at one of the two in Chicago, so it was nice to add to our little trend. When we got there we had enough time to sit and enjoy some cocktails at the bar.
A shot of my first ever Cosmo. I think it's hilarious that only the very very tip of the rind peel is in focus, LOL.
The Woo Bar. I love the mood the W hotels have, there is always a real DJ mixin and setting the mood.
After some drinks, we moved on to their restaurant, Kitchen (lol, silly, right?). We were both surprised to see that there was a buffet, but when we took a closer look, it was a mighty fine selection! I was surprised to see cured meats, a fresh seafood selection, sushi, dim sum, HK style and American style food, cheese platters, and a ton of desserts. Was very grateful the dress wasn't too tight!

Adam was sweet enough to treat me to some karaoke afterwards, but before we headed out, we had to take a picture at the big W XD

Soo psyched for September. We get to come home, see family and friends, and become husband and wife! Just about 80 some days now, crazy!!!


  1. So excited for you! Being married is awesome, don't let anyone tell you different, I love it!! That last picture with the W is framable :) - Leanne R.

  2. Happy 1 Year Engagement Anniversary! Hope the wedding will be awesome!

  3. Wow you look SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!! And congrats, too! <3 <3 <3 <3 ~alipon