A suspicious trail

Sunday was just a normal day. Instead of mulling in the apartment, we decided to get out and run some errands. Outside the breeze was blowing, giving us relief from the heat, and putting us in a good mood. We just walked out of our estate, and were making our way towards the train station. Although I was oblivious to anything, Adam seemed to notice something:

what the..?!
We're not very close to any fields or parks....The cement sidewalk that wraps around our estate and to the train station was made a few years ago, so what was this?  The tiniest of tiny paw prints! How adorable! Just so you can get an idea of size...

I am Sasquatch, bow down to my might tiny pawprint! XD

Again, this is pretty amazing that Adam was able to pick this out so quickly!  The only thing that I think could think of that could have this small of a print size is either a tiny TINY Pomeranian or maybe a *gasp* kittay?! But cat's don't usually go out on leashes with their owners on walks here. So maybe a feral/stray kitten? D: Adam and I have only seen 2 during our entire time here in HK. Here's one of them we saw recently:

Tuxedo Biddy!
So I guess we'll never find out for sure, but still, it was a fun little adventure in our minds XD Oh, and to keep your brain rolling:

bottom right AND top left
One imprint was really deep, and the other two (top right) were really light. For an animal with such tiny prints, the space between the single and the pair print is HUGE. Plus, these were the only prints we could find out within the vicinity. Weird!

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