E-Window shopping....again

I cant help myself! I'll always find time to look through all my fav shops online!

I love the lace hem! Soo adorable!

I want to be bright yellow! And all those pleats, soo cute!
...speaking of yellow.... I'm obsessesd!
...and more shoes! I love that loop and symmetry
I love that wide collar, so cute! Woud love to pair this with a high waisted skirt or trousers
BACK TO SHOES! I could wear these everyday! Actually... I -need- these!!
This seafoam blue is so soft and pretty. I think you could dress this shoe up or down!

I ended up kinda shoe-heavy, didn't I? I think its because I need comfortable shoes to wear for all the walking in HK, but I want them to be cute too! With Internet up and running in the apartment now maybe I can get some orders in the works. Anyone know any good shoe online retailers that carry size 11 and have international shipping? :D

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