I'm a Mrs. !!

I take it you all have noticed the extreme lack of... anything, right? Well, as of September 23rd, I am now a Mrs.! Huzzah!

With all the long-distance planning and organizing, I was really getting stressed and started doubting having the big day. Not in the way that I love my Mr., but just if having a ceremony/reception and attempting to gather people and adding the finishing touches was worth it. Many tears were shed and fists shaken in anger, but in the end ( and I mean the end of end, 7am the morning of the wedding!), I did all I could do, and I let myself go with the flow of the big day.
First the hair was done, and bam- instant mind explosion. During our trial run, it was kinda rough, because even though I had a picture, I felt like there was some miscommunication between the both of us. But that morning she told me that it was kinda annoying her that she couldn't get it right, and so she wanted to make it perfect. Friggen A, she did! Then there was make-up. Another thing I wasn't too psyched about, because after the trial, I looked in the mirror in some natural light and felt like I looked a little cake-y. That as well as my mascara was already smudging (and this stuff was supposedly waterproof?). But again, once she was done, wowza! If you ever can get faslie eyelashes, DO IT. THEY ARE AMAZING. I usually wear glasses, but I wanted my eyes to really stand out, so I donned the dreaded contacts (usually it takes me 15-20 minutes to put them in, I'm not even exaggerating, but today it was record speed, 2 minutes, huzzah!!). Ahh and the dress... since I did my fitting before moving to HK (late march), and the dress was being kept in the states, I had no real idea if it would fit or not. At the fitting, it was a little bit snug, so I knew I needed to lose weight. So after using the estate's gym and working up to 4-5 classes of Zumba a week, all I could do was cross my fingers. The first time I got to try it on when I came back home, it was a litttttle tight. It didn't look bad at all, but I was afraid I was going to walk around like a robot all day. Then the morning of the wedding... how the hell did this go to fitting PERFECTLY?! Especially after many a bad-meals and lack of gym time??? Flippin miracle!
One thing I didn't expect to go my way was the bouquet. I'm horrible with flowers, and the only type I know I really like are peonies. Unfortunately, since we were having a fall wedding, they are not in season. I had one idea set up with the florist, rather early in the planning stages, but about 1 1/2 months before the wedding day, I went back to it and started having doubts. After hours of scouring the internet, hoping for something unique, bam! Roses with White Cattleyas (with a yellow center). The florist said it could be arranged, and I waited patiently. When she brought the bouquet in, my heart just started to swell. Never had I seen a bouquet like this, so it already had the uniqueness I wanted. But simply put... it was just perfection! If it weren't for the tears in my eyes from my hair being pulled and yanked, I probably would of cried a little out of happiness.
The one thing that actually didn't go our way that we thought woulda been easy-peasy was our cake. LOL oh man... the design came out soo.... badly.. I think what happened was the consultant we met with left after we did our taste testing/design meeting. We did this before we left for HK, so again, another thing done rather early. He was actually great, and felt like he understood what we needed. After we made our stationary though, we sent the cake company a copy so they would have more of a feel of our design, and learned that our contact left and moved to the east coast. I asked if they understood the concept we had for our cake, and the new person mentioned that they had all the notes. In the end... notes are not as good as a 1-on-1 chat :/ Oh well! Maybe the cake will be more photogenic than what it was in person? ^^;;;
With all the ups and downs, you woulda thought I was a mad person leading up to the big day. You don't know how many times I had to tell my Mr.,"I swear... you know I'm not like this...", which looking back on that... seems really sad and pathetic.. LOL. Wedding planning definitely is not my forte though, lesson learned. But now I have soo many amazing memories from our wedding day, strengthening our love and commitment to each other. So with a clear mind and heart, I can honestly say that our wedding day was absolutely worth it! 
We are waiting on our photos from the photographer, so I'll probably post another entry or two about wedding times ( I haven't even told you what the theme(s) was/were *gasp*), so stay tuned! :3

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