29, lookin fine!

So today is Adam's 29th Birthday, hurray! Unfortunately for us, he is on a business trip overseas T-T Along with drawing a Vday pic, I've also been drawing Bday pics too!

Yes, you are looking at a mini-reindeer with a ginormous hat. If you don't know this little guy, his name is Tony Tony Chopper, and he's from the anime series One Piece. Adam and I have recently been watching it, and dear lord we are OBSESSED! Before Adam left on his trip, we just finished up Chopper's intro arc, and I think we both found our new favorite character. Well, Adam will still think Luffy is kick a$$ and I will love Sanji bc his mighty ki-kus will destroy anything, but oh well we all have our favs X3 Seriously though, One Piece is the only anime that I've ever cried/jumped up and down (LITERALLY)/yelled/ LMAO (LITERALLY) in the span of one episode. And this happens A LOT!!! Mind you I'm 25, haha! I don't think I will ever get over my love for cartoons and anime. Especially bc when I watch anime, I can get some listening practice too for Japanese!

Anyways, since Adam comes back after his birthday, me and some of our friends are going to throw him a little surprise party! Remember how I said I was getting "crafty" and I want to bake more? Well look at this picture of awesomeness:
Yeup. That DOES say Giant Cupcake on that box. Muhahaha!
So the plan is once Adam gets in, we'll pick him up at the airport and bring him to my friend's apartment and let him sleep (he'll be jet-lagged!). In the meantime, we will be whipping up an awesome menu, including Chocolate Mousse, Brownies, and the biggest Funfetti Birthday Cupcake we've ever eaten, decorated with delicious Dots and covered in home-made Vanilla Butter-cream frosting. I'm soo excited! And no worries, many pictures will be taken. Now I just have to decide on what I'll wear, hmm....


  1. aw! that stinks he's away for his bday and valentines day! my dude was away on business for thanksgiving and my bday, so i can kind of relate. :(

    hope he gets home SOON so you can celebrate together!

  2. Hurrah for cupcakes and cakes and candies galore!

    And I really need to get started on One Piece. AND, I'm excited to see what outfit you end up picking out!

  3. You should invite more peeps to read your daily blog posts!

  4. Yay, the party will be mucho fun! See you guys soon and hope my kitchen has enough manpower~~~!