Yes, you read correctly. This is our loving term for "kitties". Why not use the word kitties? Because, it just doesn't have that pizzaz, that ease to just sound perfect together with Big and Iddy! Let me break it down for you. So Adam and I have two cats. First up is Bid Biddy, or just BB (for reading sake).

When Adam and I were in college, and we finally got our apartment, I really wanted to get a kitten. Technically, I had a cat (Patches) back at home, but since she had a sister (Cuddles) with MY sister, I wasn't able to tear them apart. So Adam and I went to our local animal shelter in search of a new addition to our new family. I was looking for a male cat, since I heard they were more affectionate and social. I also was eyeing a tiger-striped cat. Adam, however, ended up making the call when he saw a cute little guy snuggled up in a hammack in the corner. The lady working there said his name was Magik and he LOVED being held like a baby. Once BB was in Adam's arm, we were set, we had to have him. So off to our new apartment he came, and we named him Yoshi. Have you been catching on, with this whole "he" business? Well, we were told he was a boy. Said so on his papers and everything. BUT a -year- later, we both noticed he wasn't very masculine at all. Since Yoshi was from the shelter, he was spaded/neutered and you couldn't just easily tell what gender he was. So we took him to the vet and before the doctor had a chance to look at his file, we asked "Can you please tell us if Yoshi is a boy or a girl?". Go figure, BB was a fine little LADY! So to stop using the name Yoshi, Adam got the idea of Biddy, and it stuck.

Now a little over a year later, I got a call from my aunt asking if I wanted a cat. I was already thinking of plans to move to Japan, and one cat was going to be hard enough, but my aunt knew I loved cats and I couldn't say no. Plus, how could I ignore another black kitty? Supposedly I was collecting them? LOL. My aunt described him on the phone to me as a black cat with a very vague white star on his chest. Well, turns out that star in Japanese is Hoshi, so we had a name all set! He was such a tootie when he came, all purrs and loves. Also a sneaky little poop too, it took a lot more energy to discipline a boy! But he definitely is/was worth all the trouble. Just calling his name, you can get him to purr and love you for hours. Gotta be careful though, I forgot to mention he LOVES chocolate >0< We unfortunately learned that the hard way, many times. Thank goodness he is a tough biddy, still truckin! It was odd calling out to biddy when there was... another biddy! Thus the differentiation between Big and Iddy. Not by size though mind you, IB is HUGE! We sometimes call him Panther cause he is so large and in charge. BB and IB are just from their ages. They definitely make our lives a heck of a lot more interesting and loving, and we're soo happy to have them! You'll see random pictures of them soon, but for now, enjoy some more art!
If you couldn't tell, BB is NOT too fond of IB X3


  1. Can I just say that this post is TOO CUTE! Now I want Rolo to meet BB and IB that much more!!

  2. LOL this is so cute!!! I totally forgot BB was first coined a guy, hahahha. Maybe that's why she's "mrrr.." most of the time~?