Rabu-Rabu Lasagna

It's been a little "tradition" of mine for the past few years to make Adam some lasagna for Valentine's Day. Being one of his favorite foods, I gotta spoil him! He's not big on chocolates or sweets, or honestly just food in general, so when I can actually get him to tell me a favorite, I lock it to memory and try to play it up as best as I can ;) This year he was overseas on a business trip for Vday and his Bday, but I was finally able to make up for it! Here are some shots of what it came out to be:
Finally, I made it with the top cheese gooey and not crunchy (Adam likes it that way best)
Hell yeah, it IS that thick
Cheeses, sauce, italian sausage, onions, and green peppers :D

If you think lasagna is hard to make, don't fret soo soon!. I wouldn't say hard, it's just a step by step process, and layering. Knowing the joys of crock-pot cooking and dumping everything in at once to get amazing results, I can see why lasagna would be a little troublesome, but just give it a try and you'll be surprised! :D BTW, if you ever are my guest, you can safely assume I am very generous with portions XD
No worries y'all, that's just a promise ring on muh finger XP

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