Pillow Talk

Fuuuuu Fuuuu Fuuuu! So I'm obsessing about pillows. We need some decorative pillows in the bedroom and on the couch. Unfortunately here in HK, I haven't found too many options yet. I'm being picky this time around, trying to find the best for our happy new home. With some web surfing online, I found some amazing patterns for the bedroom :D

both from the Caitlin Wilson Collection
 Aren't these patterns amazing? Right now our bedroom is  lot of white and silver/grey, but I want to introduce blue. The floral patter is just too pretty to pass, I love peonies soo much! Too bad this company is based in the US, I don't know what it would be like to ship here to HK. D: Speaking of HK....
This is their "Cobalt Hong Kong" Pillow
I love this pattern tons! Wish we could have their entire collection, its just that amazing. For now though I'm going to try and keep my eyes opened here. We're having our curtains installed May 4th, so I definitely want to see what that splash of color looks like before committing to anything else. The living room color pallet is definitely something I never thought I would go with. Can't wait to see it all completed! :D

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