Oh McDonalds...

"We meet again, McDonalds...."

No matter where I go in the world, I'm always bound to visit a McDonalds. Mind you, I used to be a Burger King gal (oh man, the fries!). Back in college, me and Adam's 1st apartment together was really close to a Mackers (oh no, my accent, apologies!), and I ended up loving it. That's about the time I converted from Pepsi to Coke too.

In our tiny town of Tai Wai, I've already found 3 McDonalds, LOL. So of course on cheat day (we're still trying on our diet!) we were too lazy to go out of town, and ended up at the golden arches. I noticed they had a new burger, the McSpicy Feast. A feast in a burger, you say? Bring it on!

You gotta read the whole thing
"Stacked full of surprises"? Actually, I WAS surprised, because I didn't notice that it had a chicken crisp AND a chicken patty! LOL, oh fatty days! Granted, I don't think I could eat this often, but the chicken was a little spicy and crunchy, and the patty was extra filling. Pair this up with some fries and a coke, and you're set! I wonder if I'll find any other crazy burger options here in HK.


  1. I would like it if American McDonalds would get these, they look wonderful! And the promise of it being "stacked full of surprises"...who could possibly resist that?! Not to mention I've never met a spicy chicken sandwich that I wouldn't try once!

  2. Sweet mother...that is one monstrosity of a chicken burger! Looks tasty!